Portfolio/Network Companies

The Philosophy

V VG assists entrepreneurs to build world class, high value businesses. VG is a unique and pioneering initiative in the Indian startup landscape, which draws from the tenets of ancient wisdom of guru-shishya parampara -- an eclectic mix of ethics, commitment, perseverance, skillset-honing, with tons of focus on execution. What has worked best through the best, we believe, can work wonders in today's highly-charged and competitive startup scenario as well, because the basic tenets of success still remain the same. 
Unlike a typical incubators and accelerators or early stage venture fund, the Gurukool embraces a startup for a longer time span, ranging from 3 to 7 years — providing them with hands on support through the twists and turns of business challenges, to make it worthy and confident about its business proposition.

At Venture Gurukool, we provide early stage ventures with funding support they need to get their ventures off the ground. It might back a founder or adopt an existing venture or invest alongside other funds or It might even internally develop something from its own team.

Our goal is to get the startup through the first phase where Startup has built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we introduce them to our network investors & strategic players in both India and overseas. 

We look for strong, balanced founding teams working on a compelling value proposition, who are able to demonstrate product-market fit, customer traction and revenue visibility.

Monitor and manage your investments effectively and reduce cash burn of your portfolio company. Our platform enables investors to become active investors. We offer comprehensive services which help investors in monitoring and managing their portfolio companies effectively.
We invest in startups and provide them with augmented operational capabilities which help them scale and gain follow-on investments . We provide Startups with impact mentorship and advisory along with shared support services, thereby providing with them more leeway for growth.
Impact Gurus
Getting the right insights and guidance from the right mentor can make all the difference between success and failure. Our Impact Gurus are wizards from industry and academia, who have guided both aspiring entrepreneurs as well as founders and co-founders of Startups.

How Startups Can Power Their Future



Assist Startups with raising funds by providing expert assistance and guidance in making their pitch decks and showcasing their ventures to a host of VCs and Angels.



If you do find your way into Venture Gurukool after our rigorous screening process then you will get funding to jumpstart your venture.



Budding entrepreneurs have ideas and business plans that are exposed to gurus from the business world, whose impactful mentorship prepares them better to raise funds.



Early stage startups need bandwidth and expertise to spur growth. Augmented operational brilliance to reinforce founders’ abilities and minimise chances of them faltering.



Facilitate introductions for strategic collaborations with other startups or provide market access with established corporates and brands, both in India and in the global marketplace.



Assist Startups to scale up their ventures keeping rising payroll cost at bay by providing them with a host of back office support functions ranging from accounting, taxation, compliance, HR

How Investors Can Help Portfolio Startups

Flexible Workspaces

Cashflow-conscious startups need flexible workspaces, which can be expanded seamlessly as the business & headcount go up.

Hands-on, High-Impact Mentorship

It takes strong knowledge of the startup's domain to mentor them for true business impact. We get you such powerhouses.

Strategic International Tieups

It's a big world out there. Knowing some of the best, or joining forces with some big boys can become a game-changer sometimes.

Virtual CXO Suite Services

HR, IT, Legal, Compliance, Tax and all other Support Services available on shared basis. So conserve your cash and march on.

Turnaround Interventions

Businesses falter. Investors lose heart. But that's not the end of the road. The Guru shows the road that leads to the next round.

Long Term Association

Unlike incubators or accelerators, the gurukool nurtures a startup from three to seven years and sees it through to prosperity.

Featured Gurus

Why Venture Gurukool

Venture Gurukool provides bootstrapped Startups with seed and Pre-Series A funding to jumpstart their growth. In addition, We provide access to a comprehensive network of investors and strategic players in India and Overseas, which would make it easier to secure the next round of funding.
We let the promoters concentrate on their business growth. So be it HR, IT, Compliance or Taxation, we have the right experts available on shared basis.
Our rich network of CXOs, Mentors, Investors, Domain Experts, make it a party you would hate not to attend. We help you hobnob with the best of industry leaders from every vertical and gain from them.