Whether you are an investor or a Startup, or even a Mentor, it is important to have answers to every query and seek clarifications wherever required. We have put together some frequently asked questions, along with their answers. If you still have queries, write to us and we shall promptly get back to you.

Q: How do I apply to be a part of Venture Gurukool?

We take applications throughout the year. Start-ups can send us their business plan and other details at apply@venturegurukool.com. Besides, we take direct referrals from our network of investor partners.

Q: How do I qualify to be a part of Venture Gurukool?

We strictly look for bootstrapped start-ups which atleast have a minimum viable product (MVP) with initial validation from few customers.

Q: Do you have to be physically located to be a part of the Gurukool?

Venture Gurukool offers flexibility to entrepreneurs by providing them virtual assistance in terms of mentorship, consulting and support services. However, we encourage start-ups to be physically present at the centre which improves their accessibility to use the shared support services.

Q: Does Venture Gurukool provide any funding?

If Venture Gurukool team and advisory board finds your startup to have an attractive value proposition then we would provide seed & Pre-Series A investment to the startup. We connect startups with our network and provide them with virtual CFO services and other services to prepare pitch documents. There are many opportunities for our partners to “adopt your venture” and provide necessary funding.

Q: Who owns the IP developed during the program?

All IP developed before or during the program is the property of the start-up. Venture Gurukool does not retain any rights. However in certain cases the IP could be jointly held with Venture Guurkool, where we have played a key role in developing that IPR.

Q: What happens if my venture does not succeed?

We can’t guarantee ‘success’ however you define that but our platform provides end-to end solutions for Startups thereby increasing their ease of operations. We believe this is the best opportunity to not fall prey to the ‘Valley of Death’. Finally, at least you would have tried your best, gotten great experience to add to your CV and met wonderful, smart people. Our experience has shown that attempting a venture is one of the best ways for you to use your time.

Q: Do any team members have to be Indian Nationals to apply?

We do welcome our international guests. We strongly believe this helps enhance the experience our members have.

Q: How diverse is the background of the Gurus at Venture Gurukool?

Our esteemed network of Gurus come from industry, academic and our network of partners. As a member your venture would be assigned to relevant Gurus with your agreement. Also, we endeavour to provide Startups associated with Venture Gurukool the option to make suggestions for relevant mentorship introductions.

Q: What opportunities can we get to interact with Corporations, Funds and our network of Gurus?

Start-ups associated with our program have many opportunities to benefit from such interactions, including –

  • Customized curriculum includes the milestones and mentoring sessions required
  • Periodic, compulsory meetings with the assigned Gurus
  • Opportunity to participate in ‘Reverse Pitch’ and ‘Adopt a Venture’ events