IN India’s Startup landscape, there are ideas aplenty. The euphoria about starting up has never been more gripping. But that also makes it’s a greater challenge for investors to separate the wheat from the chaff. The considerations for funding a Startup may be laid out in due diligence processes, but it is quite a task. In India, percentage of success stories among Startups has not been very high, which remains a concern for investors.

Talking of tasks, the investor’s challenge only multiplies at the next frontier – consider a funded Startup for a next round of funding. While the rockstars make the cut without much ado, the ones that are struggling to survive, become the Hobson’s choice — either write them off and reconcile or gamble once more with another round of funding.

Beyond Incubators and Accelerators

We do, what the incubators and accelerators stop short of doing – we guide them, we teach them, we correct them where needed, and we take the decisions required to make them breathe easy, and most important, we are in no hurry to send them off, till they have wings to fly. The benefits that investors can see are obvious. Not only does it become an easier bet to invest in a Venture Gurukool Startup, it becomes all the more convenient to place their portfolio investee Startup in the Gurukool to increase their ROI and mitigate risks of a write-off.

Venture Gurukool helps investors in actively managing their portfolio company by providing them with complete end to end Investment management services for the portfolio company. This, in the long run, helps optimize the assets of the portfolio. Our services helps investors in providing complete due diligence for the portfolio company.


Our team ensures all investors on board are compliant with all regulations. This allows investors to concentrate on their portfolio investee companies and their growth. The services we provide include:

  • Taxation advisory
  • Filing of various returns like TDS, Service Tax, VAT, Excise.
  • Drafting of various corporate documents and agreements
  • Keeping statutory records and registers including minutes of shareholders and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Drafting of various resolutions.
  • Assisting with company law matters

Cash Flow management:

We help your portfolio company reduce their cash burn by managing their cash flow on a monthly basis. Our services include:

  • Accounts Receivable management
  • Invoicing and Outgoing Payments
  • Reviewing cash flow position
  • Monitoring of line of credit

Financial Reporting and Control:

Adequate reporting is important not only for VC-backed companies but for the Startup management’s own use in order to institute better corporate governance. Our services include:

  • Internal Financial Audit
  • MIS
  • Forecasting
  • Statutory Audit Assistance

Human Resource Solutions:

We help clients acquire the right talent based on both skillset, experience as well as a good culture fit. Our solutions include:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Arriving at Right compensation structure
  • ESOPS and Employee Agreements